Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crazy Kansas Boat Tagging

Friday evening came and I was glad to be staying in Kiowa for the weekend.  Christina and I went down to Ingersoll, Oklahoma to eat barbecue for her birthday.  The atmosphere there is amazing and the food even better.  Especially their pineapple cobbler.  It doesn't matter how full I am I can still eat a small bowl of their cobbler.  After that we came home to relax.  I broke my challenge on the way to the barbecue place as I was undoubtedly upset for no reason and was getting worse.  I broke in and had some tobacco as Christina would have had a miserable time on her birthday otherwise.

After that we did not run that night, and so far any night after that.  I am still holding to everything else.  Looks like I had better locate some spam this week for Friday night:>(  I will also be making my promised donation to Paddle for Wells

Saturday we went school shopping for Leo, then went to the pool to swim as it was the last day the pool was open.  On Sunday we tried out a different church.  We went to the Methodist church in town.  We were greeted by one of the warmest welcomes I have ever received.  It's pretty crazy how many people I am starting to know in Kiowa.  The service was a little contemporary and different than I am used to.  It was weird at first, then as it went on, I enjoyed it a little more.  For some reason, I still like going to traditional service.  To be fair we are trying it again this weekend.

Getting settled into Kansas is getting to be a pain.  We have gotten all of our tags but this Saturday we received a letter from the department of revenue saying they were suspending my boat tags in 30 days if I did not provide a copy of my trailer title as well as have the inspection papers from law enforcement on the trailer.

I have attempted to have law enforcement inspect the trailer already and they will not without a title for the trailer.  Ohio does not title trailers under 4000 pounds which was explained to the Barber County courthouse originally, from the State of Ohio, in order to get my tags.

After a long wait over the weekend we contacted Topeka to see what we needed to do about the title.  They said they needed it in writing on a State letterhead from Ohio explaining that they don't title trailers under 4000 pounds.  Upon calling Ohio, they said they would be happy to with a written request from Kansas.  HAS NOBODY EVER MOVED A BOAT FROM OHIO TO KANSAS BEFORE? 

We got the local courthouse to send a request to Ohio so half the problem should be resolved.  The other half with getting the trailer VIN # inspected by a law enforcement officer is impossible.  We don't have a title and will not have one from Ohio.  At the moment the only thing I can think to do is take the boat back to Ohio and sell it to my friend who offered to buy it previously at 3000.00 under what I could sell it for, plus an additional 1000.00 gas money.  I don't want to do that and take such a huge loss on it.  There has to be another way.

From talking to the local sheriff it sounds like I may have no other choice as my tags will be suspended in 30 days and they WILL NOT do a VIN check without the trailer title.

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  1. Ahhhh, Government BS, gotta love it. Just remember, never surrender, where there is a will there is a way.