Thursday, September 1, 2011

Off to Kindergarten

Leo's First Day of Kindergarten
"Are you going to school today?"  I said, as I shook Leo's leg to wake him.  He climbed out of bed right away without fully waking.  He grabbed his backpack and threw it on his back and grabbed the 2 plastic sacks that held his swimming things and Kleenex tissues.  "You have to change and brush your teeth and hair first" Christina said. 

He changed into his outfit for the day then started to put his backpack on again.  "Not yet" I said.  We could tell he was anxious to start his first day of Kindergarten. 

After a bowl of Cheerio's for breakfast he went back down to brush his teeth and hair.  Peyton and Santana were getting ready to drive off to school.  With this being Peyton's first day to drive on his own, we went to see them off.  Peyton was in his football jersey and Santana in her cheerleader uniform.  They used to be so small.

Breanna, Teagon and Leo eating Cereal before school.

The kids were all getting ancy to get to school.  We took some pictures and walked them to school a little early.  Leo and I made our way to the Kindergarten classroom.  Christina and Gavin had fallen behind.  I thought Leo would remember where Teagon had class last year but he walked right by the room until we reached 4th, 5th and 6th grade hall.  We turned back and got directions and soon found the Kindergarten classroom with Mrs. Rooks standing there.

Dayton watches on as Anton, McKenna, Keaton, Leo, Breanna, and Teagon posed for a picture before the first day of school Sept 1, 2011
Walking by the Hospital on the way to School.

Leo at his first day of Kindergarten with Mrs. Rooks

Leo found his locker area and hung his backpack and swimming gear up.  Then he found his desk.  He recognized his friend Bryson sitting next to him.  He sat down at the spot at the table that had his name, took out his box of school items and started playing with the scissors.

"Remember what you learn so you can tell me all about your first day when I get home", I said.  Then Christina and I wished him luck and left him sitting there ready to start his first day of school.

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