Sunday, February 27, 2011

Need a New Name for the Blog

Christina has been offered and accepted a position in Kansas. She moves back with the kids on March 12th. I will remain here until the house sells.

The realtor comes Tuesday to put the house on market. We have had a contractor fixing up quite a few things that have needed fixing for a while.

We have been packing. Once Christina gets back to Kansas she will stay with her sister until we can find a rental place. Then we will move all of our things except for the bare essentials. I will remain here at least until the house sells. This way I can train my replacement and we can continue to pay our mortgage until the house sells.

I don't foresee the house selling quickly so I will probably get most of another tournament season in here. I am going to take another shot at as many BFL's as I can fish here. I will also fish all the club tournaments I can. Once I get the house completed and ready to sell I should have quite a bit of time to fish. I will be disconnecting cable shortly so no t.v. Not that I will want to watch that anyway. I'd rather spend my free time fishing.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Moving to Kansas

Things have not slowed down at work. I'm glad this is the off fishing season. I have been updating our computer system. I have created an all new payroll system and scheduling system to keep up with the demand of our client. That is a major undertaking. We had gotten all my work installed last week and now are working out the kinks. We should be fully functional by the end of the week.

What does that mean for me? Not much. I have another huge project starting that will help our client from ordering extra associates to being able to pull up information that is not currently available to match up their orders to the invoices.

I didn't realize I would be doing so much IT work, or that I even had the knowledge to do the type of work I have been doing. Most of it has just been updating our current system. Everything I am doing should make the job easier for the next person that takes my position.

This weekend I took my boys to the Ohio Sports, Vacation, Travel and Boat show. I got some good deals on some Warrior baits. It helped that I know the owner. I also bought some baits from Hookerz tackle. Both companies are local and have some baits that should work great in this area, as well as across the country.

Once I got home I re-arranged all of my tackle. Leo and Gavin were hovering over me like vultures snatching up anything that I will not use any more. They had their tackle boxes open and by the end, their boxes were full of tackle.

We were at Gander Mountain the other day and Christina picked out a new pole for Leo. It was med/light action ugly stick spinning combo made for kids. This seems like a quality open face rod, nicer than anything I had before last year. If Christina tells me to spend money on fishing gear, who am I to say no.

Leo has been practicing casting out in the yard quite a bit. I can't believe how fast he picked up on how to use a spinning rod. Before long he'll be learning a baitcast. He can fish too. I'd partner bass tournament with him any day. He's 4 years old and learning so much. He'll be 5 on Wednesday.

Gavin has a ways to go. He's wanting to cast now with his spongebob pole, but doesn't seem as into it as Leo was at 2 years old. Leo has any fishing magazine or catalog as soon as it comes in the mail. I have to wait for him to look through it before he'll let me look at it.

I had mentioned previously that we may be moving towards Missouri. It's now looking like we may be moving all the way back to Kansas. We want to be closer to family. The area we are looking at now is not great for fishing. The closest decent sized lake is 1 1/2 hours away. There are some smaller lakes and ponds close though.

It would be nice to fish more with Dad and Mom. The area is also great for raising a family. I will still travel to catch BFL's and some other tournaments. Those lakes are up to 9 hours away with the closer ones only 4-5 hours away. I'm determined to make a name for myself fishing. Even if it isn't a huge name.

I will miss it here in Ohio. I have made a lot of fishing connections in the last couple years. It seems like I am always getting e-mails or IM's from people I have met fishing. I just hope I can find something close to what I have here after I move.

I don't know if I will be here at the start of tournament season this year. Things are moving pretty quickly with job prospects back home. We have a ton to do. We have to get our belongings ready to move, land jobs, sell the house, rid items we don't need to move, and then get everything going once we get there.

It's a pretty nerve racking experience to move across the country, when you've developed roots where your at. When we moved to Ohio, we planned on living here for 5 years. We have been here over 7 now. We've experienced a lot living here, and took advantage of getting to see a different part of the country.

It's time to get back to where we came from.