Sunday, February 27, 2011

Need a New Name for the Blog

Christina has been offered and accepted a position in Kansas. She moves back with the kids on March 12th. I will remain here until the house sells.

The realtor comes Tuesday to put the house on market. We have had a contractor fixing up quite a few things that have needed fixing for a while.

We have been packing. Once Christina gets back to Kansas she will stay with her sister until we can find a rental place. Then we will move all of our things except for the bare essentials. I will remain here at least until the house sells. This way I can train my replacement and we can continue to pay our mortgage until the house sells.

I don't foresee the house selling quickly so I will probably get most of another tournament season in here. I am going to take another shot at as many BFL's as I can fish here. I will also fish all the club tournaments I can. Once I get the house completed and ready to sell I should have quite a bit of time to fish. I will be disconnecting cable shortly so no t.v. Not that I will want to watch that anyway. I'd rather spend my free time fishing.

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