Monday, March 14, 2011


The ice is finally off the lakes around here. Now the lakes and rivers are all to high to fish. Not all of them but we have been getting plenty of rain to keep everything full.

We had our bass club meeting tonight. I received some plaques from last season for largest bass, biggest stringer and 3rd place in the fish off. It was pretty cool to get all those. I didn't even know I had the biggest stringer of the year. That is for the lakes besides Lake Erie.

This season I hope to start out even stronger with what I had learned last year. Really, I just want to get out fishing again. I have bought quite a bit of gear and baits over the winter I can't wait to try out.

Christina and the boys moved back to Kansas this weekend. I am hoping to have the house the rest of the way packed and ready to paint by this weekend. If I can get it painted this weekend, the rest of my time spent here in Ohio can go towards work and fishing.

Our first club tournament will be April 10th. That doesn't give me much time to get everything done and get out a few times before then.

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