Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fishing Time

My world has been tumbling for over a month now. Am I Finally at the bottom of the hill? I have been without my wife and kids for 4 or 5 weeks now. Loneliness has sank in. At first I had an overwhelming workload to accomplish. I had to paint, pack, clean, repair everything so we can sell the house. The house is listed now and the first potential buyer is coming today to look at it.

I have put in my notice at my work so that they could establish a plan of action for getting me replaced. I will be moving to Kansas May 27th. That gave us 1 week to do phone interviews, 1 week for face to face interviews and we will hopefully have 5 weeks of training. I will stay out here longer if needed to get the person trained.

We have a house lined up in Kiowa, KS. It will be nice to be close to family again.

During my struggles with the house I did manage to get out fishing 1 time so far. Gene and I went to Buckeye lake to prefish for our club tournament coming up tomorrow. He caught 2 bass and I managed to catch 5. Unfortunately, I caught the only 3 that would have kept. One was a hefty 2 to 2 1/2 pounder. We put together a game plan on where we would start out come tomorrow.

It will be a tough tournament. They are having a large tournament at Buckeye today. I am guessing they are hitting the canals hard and plucking all the bass. We will be throwing back a lot of 11 1/2 inchers tomorrow.

I have one spot that I think could be ok. It is a feeding flat that I located. Not that the whole lake is not flat but this spot was a little shallower had some close structure and I saw quite a few bass chasing shad there. Besides stopping at that spot a couple times we will be beating the canals with the rest of the crowd. I will try a couple main lake areas but there isn't a lot of the main lake that looks great.

Now the house is ready. The weather is just starting to warm. We have our first tournament this weekend, and will have tournaments the next few weekends. It is fishing time in Central Ohio.

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