Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Boat or My Boat?

It's the off season now so I am looking at all of the aspects of next season. What tournaments will I enter? How much will I be able to spend? How far will I be able to travel? What needs to be done to the boat? To the truck? Will I travel South for the winter? Lots of questions to answer.

A big question that I have pondered over the last year has been, will I part ways with my boat this season for a bass boat. I have approval from the wife. She pretty much approves anything when it comes to fishing. What a great life partner I ended up with!

Upon hours of thought, and even listing my boat at one point, I have decided not to sell it. I fish a lot of bass tournaments throughout the year and would love to be in most of them as a boater, but there is a huge responsibility of pre-fishing for the larger tournaments that I do not have the time for. I enjoy being a co-angler and am prepared to continue doing so.

With that in consideration, I can still do club tournaments out of my boat. I can pre-fish out of it, and I can take the whole family out in it. I want them to have fun out on the water too, whether it be fishing or just boating, tubing, or skiing. I can do it all with my boat and that is the reason I went with it in the first place.

There will be a time in the future when I will need a bass boat, but for now I think the need is greater to keep the boat, that has become part of the family.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pictures From Kentucky Lake

Next Year's Plans Becoming More Solid

At our club meeting last night I was talking to some other club members about fishing the American Fishing Series next year. One of the members mentioned that I should do the weekend series put on by the ABA. If I did that he said he would try the BFL. It looks like we will both be fishing the weekend series and the BFL next season.

That sounds like a lot of fun. As long as the schedules do not conflict that is the route I am looking at going now. It would be more fun as I would know several other guys that fish that series. I just don't have the money or time off that I would need to fish the entire American Fishing Series next year. I might see about getting into 1 of the tournaments next year just to experience it.