Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Possibly Attending the Bassmaster Classic

The Bassmaster Classic is probably the closest it will ever be to me this year at Grand Lake, Oklahoma.  I have always wanted to attend an event and this would be the top notch event to attend.

I would already have my bags packed but there are a couple things keeping me from going.  I don't like large crowds.  We were at Chuck E Cheese this weekend and it was too crowded for my liking.  The other thing is that I may be traveling to Grand Lake in 2 more weeks for a tournament.  With a new baby, and my wife not working, I don't know that I could afford 2 trips there in less than a month.

One of my friends has booked a room at the Grand Casino close to the lake.  If he invites me to stay with them, I will go.  I would like to go to the launch ramp and watch them get ready to take off in the mornings.  The take-off is outdoors so the crowds wouldn't seem as bad.  I would probably go to a weigh in too since I would be there. 

If I do go I will not fish the BFL tournament 2 weeks later. 

It's a tough decision.  I would love to see my favorite Pro's in person.  This will be my one chance to fish in a tournament this year.  Either one would be a blast.  My son could go with me to the Classic where he wouldn't be able to go to the tournament.