Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Boat or My Boat?

It's the off season now so I am looking at all of the aspects of next season. What tournaments will I enter? How much will I be able to spend? How far will I be able to travel? What needs to be done to the boat? To the truck? Will I travel South for the winter? Lots of questions to answer.

A big question that I have pondered over the last year has been, will I part ways with my boat this season for a bass boat. I have approval from the wife. She pretty much approves anything when it comes to fishing. What a great life partner I ended up with!

Upon hours of thought, and even listing my boat at one point, I have decided not to sell it. I fish a lot of bass tournaments throughout the year and would love to be in most of them as a boater, but there is a huge responsibility of pre-fishing for the larger tournaments that I do not have the time for. I enjoy being a co-angler and am prepared to continue doing so.

With that in consideration, I can still do club tournaments out of my boat. I can pre-fish out of it, and I can take the whole family out in it. I want them to have fun out on the water too, whether it be fishing or just boating, tubing, or skiing. I can do it all with my boat and that is the reason I went with it in the first place.

There will be a time in the future when I will need a bass boat, but for now I think the need is greater to keep the boat, that has become part of the family.

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