Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Busy Weekend - with some fishing

Anton with the Big Bass of the Day

The weekend started out early as I had to take off a half hour early to head to the high school football game at Kinsley, KS, 2 hours away.  I picked up Christina on the way and we made it to the game as Kiowa was down 0-12.  Our presence was felt and soon after we arrived everything went right.  Kiowa ended up winning 34 - 12.

After the game we drove 3.5 hours to Gaylord, KS to my wife's parents to spend the weekend.  Saturday morning came quick and early and we made our way to the Smith Center airstrip for a pancake feed and air show.  The pancakes were delicious and came with giant sausage patties.  The kids age 8-16 were taken on plane rides for free.  There were around 30 different planes that flew in for the occasion.
Santana got to ride in the airplane with the open cockpit.  The other nieces and nephews rode in the green and white plane behind it.

The kids got to clime in the Medical Helicopter to check it out.

Gavin in front of one of the many planes we got to walk around and check out.

Gavin's Wings

Leo Outside the Medical Airplane

All the kids in line for Snow Cones.  There were 7 small and 7 medium snow cones for the lot of us.

The airshow was really fun.  The pilot was fun to watch and very informative on what he was doing.  It's pretty amazing how much you can do in a plane.

That afternoon Cindy decided to take the older kids to a pond to fish.  I couldn't pass up on that opportunity when she asked if I wanted to go.  There were lots of fish to be caught.  My nephew Anton caught the first and biggest.  He said he had 9 total.  I probably had the most with around 15.  Santana and Peyton each had a bluegill.  It was a blast to get out to a pond and catch bass that will bite on anything.

Peyton looked for turtles and walked the whole way around the pond.  Santana fished for quite a while before she ended up chasing frogs.  She was touching the fish and putting her own worms on the hook.  Not bad for an 8th grade girl.

We ended up keeping 5 of the bass for supper.  This was the 2nd time I've eaten bass and it tasted really good.
Average size bass for the pond

Santana's Spunky Gill.

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