Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend in Kiowa

 Friday evening started out with me getting off work a little late.  Instead of taking a short lunch break I had hit a couple garage sales in town to see what kind of deals I could find.  There was several deals to be had including the purchase of a full size trampoline for 15.00. 

After work we went to unload the Explorer at the garage of the new house.  We got back to eat supper before Peyton's football game and found out the game started at 7 and not at 7:30 as we had been told.  We ate quick and got to the game a little after 7.  The Chieftains were scoring their 2nd touchdown as we showed up.  It was a great game and my freshman nephew Peyton got in on defense with 5 minutes remaining.  In that time I saw him make 3 tackles, 2 for a loss as well as a sack. 
 Saturday morning we got up early to go garage sale shopping again as there were about 7 garage sales in town for the busy weekend.  We filled up the Explorer again and finished shopping in time to get to our sand volleyball tournament.  Our team was Todd, Cherish, Christina, myself, and our neighbors across the street.  We ended up winning all 4 of our games and winning the tournament.  I had a couple awesome blocks at the net against 2 of the best spikers.
 Sunday I woke up sore from volleyball.  My shoulder and quads were aching.  We went to church then lazed around for a while.  Later in the day we drove to Alva, OK to do some grocery shopping.

Monday we woke up to run the 5K.  There were nearly 300 entrants.  Christina and I finished 152nd and 153rd.  Christina finished 30 seconds behind 2nd place in her division.  I think she could have easily shaved 5 minutes off her time. 

 The Reeves clan swept up on trophies.  Most of them were finishing as we were passing our 2nd mile.  Even the 6 year old, number 135 in the picture below.
 After the 5K we walked to the park for a ham and bean feed.  We ate, had some homemade ice cream, and walked around the park enjoying the activities for several hours.  The kids rode rides at the small carnival they had set up between the park and the ball field.  They also got to dig through a hay pile to find money.  After the park we went back home and relaxed the remainder of the evening after eating way too much taco chili. 


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