Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting Ready for Kiowa's Big Weekend

Last Friday I decided to try to go a week without smoking, chewing, drinking soda, or alcohol and at the same time drink water and run.  It's a week later and I have failed to have total control of myself for even that short of period.  I did make it without smoking a cigarette, or drinking soda or alcohol.  I drank lots of water.  There was only 1 night that we ran in the last week.

There were quite a few times I craved a soda, only a couple times I really thought I needed a cigarette and probably wouldn't have drank any alcohol anyway last week.  I told myself it was for only 1 week so I was able to hold off my cravings.

With running, I should have been out every evening.  I enjoy running but it is hard to get out of the house sometimes when there are 11 kids and we are leaving our 2 for Todd and Cherish to watch.  Even if they are already in bed.  They like to crawl out of bed a lot before they go to sleep.  I was also consumed in the book As The Crow Fly's.  It was too good to put down and once the kids were in bed I was reading until it was too late to go run.  The good news is that I have been able to drop 12 pounds since moving back to Kiowa.  I strongly believe that some of that came from preparing to run the 5K.

This weekend is a big weekend in Kiowa.  Saturday we will be in a sand volleyball tournament.  Sunday, I'm not sure what is planned and on Monday we will be in the 5K.  There is something happening all weekend so we will stay busy.

It shouldn't be too much longer before we get our house.  We keep hearing that they will be moving out this weekend.  Hopefully we will be in by Sunday or Monday but it will probably take longer.

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