Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crazy Kansas Boat Tagging Part II

Kansas received the letter from Ohio stating that they do not title trailers under 4000 pounds.  They still required the trailer to be inspected, which still requires a title for the trailer from Ohio.

We called around to several different law enforcement agencies to see if they would inspect it.  Each time the response was the same.  They had to have the title.  Christina called Topeka again to see what needed to be done.  They said they would send a request to the sheriff's office in Medicine Lodge stating that we cannot get a title from Ohio and that they should do a VIN check for us.

Today at 9:30 was the only time they could do it for the next 2 weeks so I took off work this morning and dug the boat out of the garage at the house we haven't gotten yet.  The garage keeps getting more and more stuff piled in it while we are waiting for the tenants to get their house finished so we can move in.

We got the VIN checked without any problems and took the inspection paperwork to the courthouse to be sent off to the state so that my tags will not be suspended next week.

Hopefully that will be the end to the drama of getting tags and licenses in Kansas.  Now I have the boat and motor to register.  I have to drive to Pratt to have that done.  The titles for those are in my possession.

Last night we went to see my nephew Peyton play Junior Varsity football.  In the third quarter he was tackled while returning a punt.  In the midst of the tackle his ankle or leg was fractured.  He is laying on the couch in discomfort now as the pain relievers don't seem to be helping much.  I hope that it heals quickly and doesn't cause any problems for him in the future.

This weekend Mizike, G-Diddy, myself and our families will be going to Canton for a camping/fishing trip.  We are hoping to catch some walleye while we are there.  Mizike and G-Diddy were close friends of mine in college.  We have met a few times since, but this will be the first time we have all met for a camping trip.  It will be a blast!

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