Friday, August 19, 2011

On the Road Again

This evening we'll be hitting the road again.  This time it will be for a relaxing camping fishing trip with Mom and Dad, the boys and Christina.  We are going to Clark County lake.  The fishing report for there is dismal, but I don't care.  There are fish in the water and we will try our hardest to catch them.

The lake is in a canyon and doesn't look like it belongs in Kansas.  I have fished it one other time with minimal success.  This time we will be there all weekend so we may have better luck.

This will be our first camping trip of the year.  Oh how nice it will be to roast hot dogs and try to catch a catfish with the boys. 

Dad is excited.  He has called me a couple times now and has been talking about catfishing, white bass fishing, cooking the fish, fly fishing, napping.  His inner kid is coming out for this one.  If we give him a soda tonight he may not go to sleep.

I'm taking my fly rod.  It has been forever since I have used it.  I need to get used to it again being close to Colorado.  I foresee myself fly fishing in Colorado at some point next summer.  In the meantime bluegill and small bass are a blast on a fly rod.

This week I registered for the Okie BFL at Grand Lake Oct 1st.  I got an e-mail back stating that I am on a waiting list.  Hopefully, I can fish it.  I don't want to wait until next year to fish another tournament.  I enjoy the competition too much.  If I have to wait, the first tournament next year will be in March unlike Ohio where we had to wait until May.

I also spoke with a buddy from Ohio and we started planning a trip to Vegas in late October. 

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