Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wind Dirt Rain

Last night a storm came through to give us a little more rain.  This is the 3rd rain we've had in the last couple weeks.  The rivers are still dry.  High winds swept through the area prior to the storm.  The weather channel said the storm was coming with 80 mile an hour winds.  We were outside in the wind securing everything when I snapped this picture from my camera phone.  It doesn't do the storm justice.  The sky was twice as dark and filled with dirt.  You could taste the dirt each time you took a breath and felt it on your teeth.  Right outside of town you couldn't see anything but a wall of dirt.

 I stayed outside to witness the dirt storm until it started raining.  Then I went inside to watch Harry Potter.  We are having a Harry Potter Marathon this week for my wife.  The local theater is playing the new one this weekend. 

The local theater is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  They usually play movies that have been out for a while.  It's 5.00 a person for the movie, $1.00 for a large soda and $1.50 for a decent sized medium popcorn, $2.25 for a large popcorn. 

After the movie I got out my birthday present I had gotten earlier in the day.  I had bought myself a 7 led headlamp and got it in yesterday, the day after my birthday.  I was playing around with the night vision and decided to see if I could take some pictures.  Here are some pictures of Leo and Gavin in the night vision and spotlight modes.




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