Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Trip - A Bunch Of Smashed Up Cars

This weekend my cousin Bug and I were thinking of going to Kansrocksas to see Eminem.  Instead we decided to return to our old stomping grounds for the weekend.  I took off from work early on Friday so I could pick up Bug and be to the fair by 7:00 to watch the demolition derby.  We had several people driving that we knew.

We didn't know that winners of the event.  Two of the guys we do know, Jamie and John,  put on the best show, delivering so crippling hits to the other cars.  Jamie had a beast of a car and if he had not gotten hung up on another car I think his car may have made it through the derby without some of the damage the other cars had gotten.  John's car was beat up prior to the demo.  It still held up well and he made it to the top three of the consolation round.  Top 2 went on the the finals.

John's car on the bottom right.
 We got home from the derby late as the derby had a great turnout, both fans and number of entries.  As ready to drink as we were we only got a couple beers down and then went to bed.

The next morning we spent time with Aunt Nikki and Uncle Richard.  Around 5:00 we went to the bar to play some Keno.  We all lost some money over the next couple hours.  I spent about 15.00.  At 7:00 Bug had invited people to Aunt Nikki's to party so we went back.  People started showing up shortly after that.

I got to see a lot of friends.  Mom and Dad even showed up.  It was a good time hanging out and drinking with the Jennings crowd again after all these years.  I made it until about 3:00 in the morning before I went to bed.

Bug and I got up the next morning and drove back.  I was feeling a little rough until I took a 5 hour energy and had a monster.  Then I felt a little better.

Last night I was feeling good by the time I got home and went to watch Harry Potter with Christina and the kids.  On the way home from the theater I was walking under a tree.  I reached up to grab the tip of a branch to pull it down and as I grabbed it, I hear a screech, then something attacked my arm.  As it flew away I saw that it was a bat.  I don't think it bit me or scratched me.  I must have accidentally grabbed it or grabbed really close to where it was hanging. 

Peyton, my nephew had been bitten by a bat a few years ago and he was saying that just touching one you can infect yourself and become contagious to others around you.  They thought I might need to get a rabies vaccination since it touched me.  I am talking with the doctor later to see if this is true.  I don't want to get my nieces and nephews sick.

I read that it is very rare for rabies to be transferred without an actual bite.  My nephew said it didn't hurt when he was bitten by his bat.  I have not seen and broken skin on my arm so I really doubt I was bitten. 

Nobody in the United States has developed rabies when given the vaccine promptly.  Once the symptoms of rabies appear, the person rarely survives the disease.  Death from respiratory failure usually occurs within 7 days after symptoms start.  The incubation period for rabies can range from 10 days to 7 years, with the average incubation period being 3-7 weeks.

I have just gotten Hepatitis B shots, my blood drawn, a TDAP test, and got my tetanus vaccination in the last couple months.  I'm tired of needles.  I don't want 5 more shots for the rabies vaccine.

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