Thursday, August 25, 2011


As summer is coming to a close, I am looking forward to fall.  Football is in the air, the temperatures are starting to drop, and fishing is getting really good.

In Kansas we usually have a month and a half of good fall fishing from mid September until the end of October.  The days get are getting shorter and nights cooler giving us a break from the continuous 100+ degree weather we have had all summer.

The finances are tight right now with traveling so much since we have been back in Kansas.  I still foresee a trip or 2 of fishing before winter arrives.  With nieces and nephews in so many sports and playing on the weekends I won't have a lot of time.  Plus I have a trip planned to Vegas, a possible tournament at Grand Lake, and the Labor Day festivities in town including the 5K I am going to run.

Christina and I have been doing good running the last few weeks.  This week we haven't ran yet.  Last night we drove to the high school to run on the track and there were four police cars surrounding the building and flashlights shining around inside the school.  We decided we better not run on the track next to the building while that was going on.

I don't think I have reached my goal of being able to run the entire 5K.  I can run a mile o.k. but after that my legs turn to jelly.  I can run walk run walk fine.  I have been thinking about it for a while and I think I would rather just stick with Christina through the event.  We have been training together,  for both the 5K and to get back into shape.  Hopefully, we continue to go back to the track after the 5K is over or find some other fun type of activity to get us in shape.

Labor Day weekend may also be the weekend we get our house.  If we do, then I can start getting things listed on my ecrater site to make some extra money for fishing.

With all that I have going on this fall will be fun filled. 

This weekend we will be going school shopping.  Next Thursday is Leo's first day of Kindergarten. 

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