Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It rained again last night and cooled down this morning.  We have been looming around 80 in the mornings and it was near 65 this morning.  It felt a little chilly.  Might be time to go camping this weekend.

We made it back out to run at the track last night.  We ran 3/4 of a mile then walked a lap then ran another quarter of a mile.  I ran against my niece Santana the last quarter mile.  She seemed to enjoy making me look bad.  

I feel like I'm getting a little more in shape.  In the next couple weeks I should be running 1 1/2 to 2 miles without walking in between.  With long distance a lot of it has to do with pacing yourself.  I usually run slower so I can run farther.  When I'm about done running I will run faster to burn myself out.   I think that helps strengthen me for the next time I run so I can go farther and faster the next time.

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