Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anthony City Lake

Friday afternoons I start getting restless.  We have been going going going on the weekends.  This last weekend we stayed home and I was completely restless.  I paced, I looked out the window, I kept trying to figure out something I could do. 

It's hard when you're living with family and do not have your own things.  I wanted to make plastic worms, or paint crank baits, or sell items on ecrater.  I couldn't do any of that since all of my things are at the house we haven't moved into.  I have lived at Todd and Cherish's for 2 months now.  Christina and the Boys have been there for about 5 months.  We get along really well for living together that long.  You can tell it's starting to wear on Todd.  I understand.  We had roommates the last few years.  It's nice to have your own place, your own space. 

I look forward to eating ice cream and not having to get ice cream for all 11 kids as soon as I get mine.  I look forward to sitting in my recliner and watching something other than Disney while looking things up on the internet on my laptop.  I look forward to sleeping on my king size bed and having the kids sleep in another room.

I miss these things but I am very grateful we have a place to stay while we are waiting on our own place.  There will also be a lot of things I will miss about living here.  The boys are constantly playing with their cousins and aren't always right by us.  I get to spend quite a bit of quality time with my nieces and nephews and brother and sister in law.  Todd and Cherish are inspiring people and make you want to do better.  When you are around them you do just a little more.  There's no time to be completely lazy in their house.

We did get out for a little bit on Sunday night.  We drove 30 minutes to Anthony for Pizza Hut and Ice cream at McDonald's.  Then went to check out Anthony City lake.  The lake is really low right now as are all the water sources around here.  It is still doing well fishing wise.  There is a good amount of structure and forage in the lake.  I look forward to bank fishing it.  The disappointment of the evening came when we were looking at the boat ramp.  They have a pay for use of boat at the lake.  It is 12.00 per day or 45.00 for the whole year.  The lake isn't big enough for my boat to get on plane so I doubt I spend that kind of money to put my boat on the lake.

Christina Leo and Gavin enjoying ice cream at the lake.
A look across the lake
Low Lake Level

Camping was reasonable at 5.00 per night for primitive camping and the campground was well shaded and not far from the water.  It had lights along the paved walking trails.  The restroom was unlighted and primitive.  No running water and a big hole in the ground.

We have not been camping yet this year.  I really want to get the boys out there.  As soon as the temperatures get a little cooler we will go camping. 

I have started to think about my future of tournament fishing.  I will not be able to hit a lot of tournaments a year so I have to make the tournaments I do fish count. 

Since I am working and will only have 1 week off a year I decided I can't be a boater.  I won't have the time required to prefish any tournaments.  I would like to be a boater in the next couple years though so I am going to try to fish the Stren Series next year as a co-angler.  This fall Oct 1st and 2nd I am going to register to fish a BFL on Grand Lake in Oklahoma.  I love tournament fishing and this is a 2 day tournament which makes it even more fun.  It will be nice to get some knowledge on one of the better local lakes as well.  Local = less than 8 hours away, Grand Lake being 5.5 hours.

Christina and I have started running at the high school track in the evenings.  We have been three times in the last week.  There is a 5K in town on labor day that I am planning on running.  I also want to get back into shape.  Each time I get out there it is getting easier to run.  I want to be able to take off and run several miles at time without it killing me.  I heard that you are less likely to continue doing something once you start talking about it because you are satisfied just telling people that you did it.  I kind of believe that about myself,  but it seems that if I put something on here I have a higher tendency to stick with my plan.

When I moved back to Kansas I weighed over 240 pounds.  That is the heaviest I have been in my life.  I would like to be able to get back down around 190 to 200 pounds.  We threw alfalfa bales for a couple days and I lost about 15 pounds in those 2 days.  I was able to keep about 7 or 8 pounds of it off.  Now that we are running  I weighed myself again last night and I was 229.  That was after running so I know I had lost quite a bit of water weight. 

Exercise and eating healthy are concerns of ours right now.  Our boys are paying attention to us more than ever now and if we show them we are staying active then hopefully they will do the same.

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