Friday, July 29, 2011

Staying Home

This weekend we are staying home.  We have stayed home 1 other weekend since we moved in with Todd and Cherish.  They will be gone all weekend like they were last time.  I guess it was a good weekend to choose.

Next weekend I will be leaving the wife and kids here while I go to the Decatur county fair with my cousin.  The following weekend I will not be going on the float trip.  My wife and I are about to live humbly for a while why we save up some money and pay off some debt we racked up on my Ford Explorer I got after I moved back.

It's too hot to drive the blazer with no AC in Kansas so I found a good deal on a 4 wheel drive with third row seats.  I bought it off ebay.  At first I really wanted a Tahoe.  Then I found the Explorer, Eddie Bauer Mike Shanahan Edition for 11500.00 on ebay with 40,300 miles.  I made him an offer of 10750.00 and he accepted.

My plans are to sell the van and the car now and get a little better car for Christina to drive back and forth to work. 

We have quite a few of the nieces and nephews this weekend so I probably won't be doing much more than cooking, and playing Gran Turismo on the PSP.

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