Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too Hot to Fish?

Today Cherish has a swim meet, Todd will be going with her, so Christina and I will be watching 5 of the kids.  We cooked supper for everybody last night.  It takes a lot of food to put out a meal for 15 people.  We made some pretty good food.  We sauted chicken, mushrooms, snow peas and brocolli together in corn oil, then added it to parmesan noodles, the thin parmesean noodles out of a box.  Lastly we added sliced tomato to it.  We served it with corn and garlic toast.  We used 4 boxes of noodles and a whole loaf of bread.

Tonight should be a little easier since we are only feeding 7 of us. 

Tomorrow I am taking another half day of work off to try to get my drivers license.  Third times the charm.

I was considering going to The Salt Plains Lake in Oklahoma tomorrow evening to try my luck off the bank.  I heard it has catfish and Wiper and it's only a little over a half hour away.  I'm not sure I want to go over to the other house to get my fishing equipment though.

There's a wedding in town on Saturday that we will be going too.  At 110 degrees I would rather go to a wedding than fishing.  Ohio made me soft with those hot 80 degree days.

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