Monday, July 25, 2011

Buried Treasure

There are some moments from earlier in life that come back to put a smile on your face.  This weekend I had a reminder of one of those moments.

At one point growing up I was staying the night at Brother Gonzales' house.  We decided to do some treasure hunting to see if anybody had left any treasures in the rafters of the basement.  As we were looking there was something tucked way back in the rafters.  We reached in and drug out a Ditch Witch hat.  It looked old.  Jokingly we decided that had to have been somebody's treasure for them to hide it there.

Now it was our treasure.  We decided to bury it in the tree break behind the house.  We drew up a map of our paces from the house, past several landmarks, to the treasure which was buried under an X made out of sticks.  We vowed not to come back for it until we were older.  We then hid the map under the rug in his room so someday we would come across it again.

Years went by and a joke or two would come up about the infamous Ditch Witch hat.  Finally, in high school we decided it had been long enough and the Ditch Witch hat needed to be recovered.  We couldn't find the map.  We tried to retrace our steps from memory but too much had changed.  There was not an X on the ground.  The Ditch Witch hat treasure remains to be found.

This weekend Christina, the kids and I were driving to OKC.  We had plans to eat at Pizza Hut in Cherokee, OK.  That didn't work out due to my bad attitude and the kids falling asleep so we waited until later to eat.  I was hungry for McDonald's for the first time in many, many years.  We saw one in Perry, OK and stopped to eat.  While I was eating Leo pointed at the wall and said, "Look at That."  I looked up and saw this.  I had to snap a picture to send to Brother Gonzales.

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