Friday, July 22, 2011

Wormy Dog Saloon

Summer fun at the cousins.  Gavin took a break from swimming to see if he could fit into the cooler on the deck.
Last night the nieces and nephews had a swim meet out of town.  I thought about going but taking a third vehicle up there to sit in the hot sun to watch other people swim didn't really appeal to me.  What did appeal to me was having time to myself.

I had lived in Columbus for a couple months all alone, then moved into a house with 15 people.  It is fun, but I was ready for some alone time.  I cooked a good supper, did the dishes, then vegged out on the recliner watching 3 TV shows at once for a couple hours.  I was flipping between man vs. food, the egyption job, and deadliest catch.  It's been a long time since I've had control of the TV.  Usually I can't find anything I want to watch.  Last night I wanted to watch everything.

The night before last Christina and I stayed home to cook supper while Cherish and Todd took the kids swimming.  Leo learned to swim.  He has been able to jump off the diving board and sort-of dog paddle to the side.  Cherish said he took off swimming after he jumped off the last time.

At the beginning of the season Gavin was deathly scared of the water.  You couldn't even put his feet in the pool.  Now he is jumping into the big pool off the side.

They are learning so much from their cousin's and aunt and uncle.  It was really a good move coming back to be close to family.

Tonight we take off for OKC.  Mizike and Kimmers have made plans for us on Saturday already.  I was hoping to get some fishing in, or make a trip to the Wormy Dog Saloon, but with this heat it will probably be better to spend some time at a small waterpark and grill some burgers at Mizike's parents house.  Maybe we can all slip out for some evening fishing afterwards. 

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