Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Bass Scene in Kansas

As I was moving to Kansas I was looking at the surrounding waters to see where I would be fishing all of the time. The answer soon occurred to me, I won't be fishing all the time. There is not that much water close to where I live. I also have 2 boys that will be starting school, sports and other activities soon.

I won't be fishing every weekend like I did last year. I still plan to get in on some BFL action next season. Those tournaments will be 5 - 6 hours away. It will require me to use vacation, but I have to get back in the tournament scene.

I can't believe how many people I met in the bass scene the last two years. I met and hung out with lure manufacturer's, guy's that put together tournament series. I even got to hang out with and introduce my kids to this years BFL All American Champion at last years Regionals.

The bass scene was booming in Ohio. The fishing is awesome in Kansas and Oklahoma, but it seems like the bass scene is not as big here. We will see once I start getting into tournaments again. I didn't realize how many people in Ohio were into bass fishing until I started fishing tournaments and joined a club. Maybe the scene is just different here.

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