Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our New Home - Kansas

You know it's been a long time since you posted when you can't remember your password to your blog site. There's a few excuses why I haven't blogged in a while.

1. I moved and have not had internet for over a month.
2. I'm too lazy to go to the library.
3. I haven't had a lot of content anyway.

We made the big move at the end of May over Memorial weekend. I thought we were going to get our house at that time so I accepted a position at the hospital to do purchasing and moved across the country.

We were not able to move into our house right away because the people we are going to be renting from are remodeling the house they will be moving in to. At first we were going to get the house in the middle of May, then the end of May, then the end of June. Now they are saying they might be in their new place by August. I'm hoping we will be in there by fall.

We have all of our belongings in the living room of that house and my boat in the garage. In the meantime we are living with our Sister and Brother in law and their nine children.

It has been a fun summer so far. I spent the first week with Mizike and Kimmer in Oklahoma. We caught up and did a little fishing at Thunderbird Lake. I caught a nice bass a nice catfish and a nice drum all on a rubber worm. We kept the drum to eat it. It was really a good tasting fish with big white flakes. It reminded me a lot of eating a walleye.

Here's Mizike with my catfish

                                          This is the Drum we ate!

Leo had a couple crappie to the bank but couldn't get them up onto the rocks where we were fishing and Mizike caught one crappie we ate for supper.

Once I got back to Kansas, (right on the Oklahoma border) I started my new job. We have been to see my parents and Christina's parents several times already, along with a reunion and my grandfather's 80th birthday party. It is nice to be close to family again.

This weekend has been my only other fishing trip. We fished Kaw Lake and Sooner lake in Oklahoma.  I didn't catch a thing but Leo, Mizike and Ryan all caught a fish a piece.  Mizike had the first fish.  He caught a little tiny, small, miniscule, itsy, teeny, catfish.  (That still doesn't help me get over the fact that he out fished me.)  Ryan caught a white bass.  We had saw them splashing the surface, chasing shad for a split second.  He got in there with the right bait and got one.  I had a gar on but the hook.  It pulled loose as it torpedoed away from the boat.  Leo out fished me again and had the biggest fish of the day when he pulled in a 2 1/2 to 3 pound channel cat nightfishing at Sooner lake.

It was extremely hot in the middle of the day when we did most of our fishing.  It was close to 110 degrees.  We had to jump in the lake a few times to cool off.  It wasn't ideal conditions for catching fish but it still seemed that we should have caught more fish at Kaw.  I would like to try it in the spring and fall to see if it is better then.  There's been too many times where I ruled out excellent fishing lakes from one trip to them, come to find out, years down the road, that they had awesome fishing.

Now I am dealing with trying to get cars and the boat tagged. I'm also attempting to get my driver's license before August when it expires. I have been to the DMV twice in the last 2 weeks. I have to take a half a day off to go then drive an hour each direction. The first time I had a birth certificate and my birth registration card along with everything else they asked for.

The said my birth certificate was the wrong one and they stopped accepting birth registration cards in 2007. I tried to order a new birth certificate from the state and they said since they were mailing it to a Kansas address I had to have a Kansas driver's license. WHAT???? That's what I need it for. Then they told me I had to have a blood relative order one for me.

I called Mom and she said she has the original. She said I could borrow it but would have to give it back so I don't lose it. THIS IS MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE RIGHT? Luckily she had a second one she had ordered to give me a long time ago.

The next Friday I take off a half a day on Friday. I get to Pratt and the County Examiner had taken the day off. Oh, by the way, they only do out of state driver's licenses on Thursdays and Fridays. Brilliant!

The car tags are going about as good. We bought a Ford Explorer to pull the boat once we move here and have been able to get that tagged but once you go to tag out of state vehicles with Liens on them look out! Nothing is good enough.

Amazingly everything else worked out so well. The house sold the day I was moving. I got a job offer a couple days before I was moving and we have a place to stay while we are waiting on our rental.

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