Monday, August 15, 2011

Sweet Corn

This weekend we skipped out on a chance to go on a float trip down a river without the kids.  We also skipped out on camping with the kids.  Instead we drove back to my parents house to spend the weekend.  They had been given the opportunity to pick as much sweet corn as they wanted from a field before it was cut down for cattle feed.

Mom called me on Friday and said if I wanted some I had to come home to help.  I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity so I told her I would be there.

We took off after work on Friday and met a storm as we got to Medicine Lodge.  The sky was red as we approached the storm at Medicine Lodge.  We realized it was from the wind picking up all the red dirt.  Right as we realized that we hit a wall of wind that just about took us off the highway.  It was a ferocious storm, so intense that I had to pull of the road for 20 minutes until we got a small break from the high winds, torrential rainfall and hail.   The winds were 60+ mph.  We parked behind a 2 story building to get out of the wind and driving hail.  Right before I pulled off the highway I couldn't see 10 feet ahead of the truck and barely found a pull off.  I looked at the radar on my phone and we were right in the center of the darkest red. 
Storm View as we were driving to Medicine Lodge

Parked in our safety zone.

Looking across the yard at the sheets of water
We left Medicine Lodge and got out of the storm right away.  We reached Mom and Dad's a couple hours later.  The next day we got up had some breakfast and started shucking corn.  Mom and Dad had went out for 2 hours the night before and picked up a pickup full.  We shucked and cut and bagged from 9 in the morning until 9 at night.  Leo stayed pretty busy most of the day as he wanted a wallet so he doesn't lose his money any more.  I told him if he helped shuck corn I would get him a wallet.  Gavin did good for a while then was distracted by quite a few other things. 

We all had fun shucking, bagging and freezing corn.  Dad, Leo and I sat outside and talked in the shade while Christina and Mom were inside cutting and bagging the corn.  Once we got done we fed the scraps to the neighbors horses and played with their kittens. 

The next day we piddled around the farm until it was time to go.  Dad and I got out his 44 caliber black powder pistol and shot it.  It is amazingly accurate at 30-40 feet.  Then we played around with a newly purchased lever action .22 rifle that wasn't so accurate, but still a lot of fun.

We got home in time to watch Captain America at the Theater.

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