Monday, March 8, 2010

Mizike's last weekend in Ohio

This was my last weekend with Mizike. He took Saturday off work so we could get one last day in together. Friday night we got started early at Joe's crab shack. Then made our way back to the house where we continued drinking. We eventually had a bragging rights forever poker game that was between Mizike, Kimber, Christina and myself once the kids had gone to bed.

I ended up with all the chips and this is my first brag. We ended up drinking way too much. Somewhere in the middle of the morning we decided it would be a good idea to start a fire behind the house. We ended up waking up a few neighbors as we might have had the fire going pretty good.

The next day was rough but we managed to get out to fish as it was the first decent day of the year. We went below the dam at Deer Creek. There were about 70 other anglers out trying their luck as well and nobody was catching anything. I should have looked at Big Indiana Bass's blog and seen that he has been fishing rivers. We definately would have tried that.

Mizikes last weekend was at least a decent weekend. He mentioned that he is glad he doesn't have to drink like that again for some time. At least until his bachelor party weekend at Lake Gibson, OK. We are going to try to get everybody together for a weekend at Mizike's relatives cabin on the lake.

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