Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Road Trip

This weekend will be a 3-day weekend for my wife and I. Last week I brought up the idea of a family road trip. I had mentioned the idea of going towards North Carolina. I chose North Carolina because it will only take about 5-6 hours to get there. It is South of us, so it should be warmer for camping, and it is a state that none of us have been to.

It will be an unplanned road trip. We may not actually make it to North Carolina. We may not even make it out of Ohio. We will be on a quest to find something fun to do as a family. That may be just camping and hiking or it could be a new zoo or museum. The opportunities are endless.

Some of our best adventures have began with, "Let's take a roadtrip!" Since we moved to Ohio we have built memmories on all of our roadtrips. A few stand out more than others.

We discovered the Hocking Hills only an hour away from home. We also discovered Port Clinton, OH to which I have been back numerous times to fish for walleye off a head boat that leaves from there. There was Cave City, KY which we will have to go back to someday. There was also a stream in West Virginia that had free camping and lots of hiking around. I will only be able to find that again by driving around West Virginia all over again. Last year was Maine where we ate Lobster and staid at Arcadia National park one of the most beautiful parks and campgrounds I have seen. On that trip we saw Niagra Falls, and some attactions around there. We also spent time in the Adirondack Mountains.

My vacations as a child were roadtrips. My parents and I and sometimes a friend would set off towards the Rocky Mountains. We would spend days driving through the mountains looking for something great; a stream, a waterfall, a bear, an unusual camping spot. Each trip was always unique and would contribute to an unforgettable bank of memories.

One thing that helps but is not neccesary on a road trip are visitor's centers. They have a lot of information on the attractions the state has to offer. We sometimes stop and pick up the flyers for the attractions we are interested in seeing. Sometimes it is more fun to discover the attractions on your own. If you just drive upon them it feels as if it is your own attraction. GPS also will also pull up attractions near you. I have used this and found neat things I would have drove right past like a railroad museum where old train engines where brought and retired.

I am excited to get my roadtrip started.

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