Monday, March 22, 2010

Leo's first fish of 2010

Yesterday afternoon my oldest son Leo said he wanted to go fishing really bad. I asked him, "What if you don't catch any fish?" He told me, "I will just keep fishing to practice."

I was going to wait until I was sure he would be able to catch fish before I took him out. The fish are moving really slow right now and like a slow presentation due to the cold water. After his comment I realized how badly he wanted to just fish, whether he caught something or not.

I called my buddy Gene and we picked him up and headed to the river where I had some luck last weekend.

The crappie and bluegill were really biting. We caught over 50 and ended up keeping 11 fish.

Leo caught his first fish of the year and the biggest gill of the day. He was casting into a good spot and I kept telling him to slow down when reeling in. Finally he got it slow enough and when his bobber went under he set the hook and brought the fish in. I think he's ready to fish this year. He did leave shortly after catching the fish to tell his Mom who was sitting up the bank in the van. It was getting cold so she kept him in the van to play.

Mizike had called me earlier in the day to say he was fishing in Oklahoma. I told him I was going fishing later and he ended up telling me he was not fishing and the weather there was not cooperative for the weekend. I thought it would be funny to spell out his name with fish and pic message it to him. I also let him know that Leo had caught a fish before he did this year. I think he was mad or a little jealous because he did not respond.

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