Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hocking Hills and Christina's Family visit

Christina's family came out this last weekend but we did not make it to Washington D.C. as planned. We ended up spending time around Columbus. Friday morning I cooked pancakes scrambled eggs and little smokies for 11 kids and 4 adults. That was quite a feat. The pancakes went over well and I went through a whole box of pancake mix. Luckily, I had a second box (Forgot I had already bought one).

The kids played outside since it was nice. I went shopping for my Mom's birthday present at Gander Mountain. It's awesome to be able to buy your Mom fishing lures for her birthday. She loves to fish as much as I do, but she fishes strictly for walleye and crappie.

I picked up some worms at Gander Mountain and when I got back home my oldest nephew and I went exploring the creek behind the house looking for a good fishing hole. We found several but I guess the recent flooding has displaced all the fish because we had no luck.

We got called back to the house for sandwiches then we loaded the van and suburban to drive to Hocking Hills to go hiking the rest of the day. I wasn't sure about having 11 kids climbing around steep cliffs and rocky drop offs.

The kids had a blast exploring the area at Old Man's Cave and the Rock House. The rockhouse was a huge hit as the kids wanted to make it a permanent home and had all picked out their rooms in the crevices of the cave.

Here are some pictures from our adventure to Hocking Hills.

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