Sunday, March 14, 2010

My First Fish of the Year

I made it out to Delaware lake today. After a long winter the ice is finally off most of the lakes and ponds in the area and I was able to pick up my first fish of the year. I found a slow spot in the river dumping into Delaware and popped a jig under a bobber in about 1 to 2 foot of water. I ended up catching about 10 crappie, 3 of which were well over 9 inches. I had 2 that touched 9 inches but it was close so they got to swim another day.

It started out nice today with it reaching close to 50 degrees, the last week has been great with temperatures around 55-70. I caught my 10 fish then it started blowing from the North and got chilly really fast. The fish were affected by it and I couldn't get any more bites once the cold wind hit.

You could tell the lake just finished with ice out as there were dead shad everywhere around the banks. The birds will eat good for a while.

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