Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TRB Awards Banquet

Twin Rivers Bassmasters had their club awards banquet this Saturday at Gordy's in Columbus. The food, company and atmosphere were all good. I was able to see who all the top dogs were from last year. I guess this is going to be some tough competition this year.

We all decided to get in on a pool for the Classic. Ken had made up slips with all the boaters names on them. We each put some money in the pool and drew 3 names. The top 3 placed boaters got money along with the points champ overall and the points loser overall and the big bass.

I drew Russ Lane, Alton Jones and Kevin Worth. I knew Alton did not make the cut but had a good shot with having Russ Lane to make a little money. Unfortunately Russ did not finish in the top 3 even though it was looking like he might in the live blog on b.a.s.s. on Sunday. He did catch the big bass the final day and got me my money back plus a little. Christina drew 36th 37th and 38th place and sewed up worst team for most of her money back.

During the draw everybody was calling for KVD. If he is in the top 5 on the last day the odds are good that he will ultimately be victorious after the last day.

Our next meeting is March 1st. Hopefully after that meeting I will be able to fish with a couple members so I can be voted on to join the club. I think there is a high level of comradery and competetiveness. It will be fun to battle the fish with these guys this year.

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