Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time for Spring Maintenance

I learned from last year to have transportation and the boat ready for fishing early. I was stranded without a pulling vehicle last year for our second tournament when I waited until the last minute to get my hubs replaced on the blazer. Open water fishing will be coming right around the corner. This is a good time to get started making those repairs so your not stranded at home when you could be fishing.

This fall I had a grinding on the drivers side rear of the blazer. The blazer is mainly used for fishing so I don't drive it much during the winter. We had replaced the brakes last spring (so I thought)! I guess we had not replaced that one. It was rubbing metal on metal. We got it replaced with a new brake pad and went to pull off the other side and replace it and realized that we had replaced that one last year. We must have really been in a hurry to get to the lake that day. We replaced the passenger side as well this time so that they would both be new.

The blazer is ready to go this spring now. My tournament schedule starts a little later this year so I have more prep time and can get on the water to figure out the fish a little longer this year. All but a couple of the tournaments I have scheduled are as a co-angler this year. It will be a year of learning for me. It will also save a considerable amount of money between entry fees, pulling gas and boat gas. I think it will be fun being in the back of the boat, more fishing and a few less worries.

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