Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time For Some Life Changes

With the conclusion of the Bassmaster Classic and a 3rd KVD classic championship, I am ready to make some life changes and to get out on the water. Problem is that we are still getting snow and cold.

I am figuring that the weather pattern we have been getting will start to change mid March. We have been getting a good snow once a week for the whole month of February so far. The time changes on March 14th so that is the day I have been making big plans for.

My first plan is to finish getting the boat ready for fishing by that date and be ready to get out to fish. I will get it organized and all of my tackle stowed, garage organized and cleaned so I will be able to get the boat out and in easily.

My second plan is to stop smoking by that date. I am working on cutting back now. I have been chewing a lot of gum to try to take away the urge to smoke. I have been smoking for 13 years off and on now. I had chewed for longer than that and have gone nearly a year without chewing. That lead me to smoke a little more but I think quitting smoking will be easier than quitting chewing. It is scary how after a year I could still pick up a can of chew and start the habit all over again. I still think about it often. Not quite as much as I used to.

My third plan is to start excercising, mainly running. I have gotten lazy in the last several years and my weight and appearance are showing it. I am the heaviest I have ever been at close to 235 pounds. It might be more I haven't actually weighed myself. I started excerscising a bit the other night and my belly weighs a lot. I could hardly do sit ups or push ups.

I would also like to spend more quality time with my family. I spend time with them but there is a lot I could do to make it more quality time.

There are things that will help me accomplish all of this. I have ambition to change finally for myself and for my wife and kids. My wife is on board with wanting to make changes too. The weather will be getting better and the evenings will be light longer. Mizike and his fiance will be leaving. That will help with my smoking, not having somebody mentioning going outside to smoke all the time. I am also finally getting energy from not doing rotating shifts. It has taken over a year to start to feel normal again.

See that belly. It needs to go!

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