Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Leo's 4th Birthday

Leo turned 4 last Tuesday the 16th. We had been asking him what he wanted for his birthday all the week prior. All he wanted was a birthday party with Mizike, Kimber, Christina (my wife), Gavin, and me.

I got off work, picked Christina up at her work and then headed to the babysitter's to pick up Leo and Gavin. We then picked up Kimber at home and called Mizike to take some time off work to come to Chuckee Cheese. It was also Kimber's birthday.

We played some games and had fun winning tickets. Leo got to pick out what he wanted with the tickets as we got ready to leave. He got some pretty neat toys that he will play with.

When we got home we had some cake and Leo got to open his presents. He got some Monster Trucks and a ramp for them, and a new spiderman fishing pole with a light up handle when you push the button.

This will be his 3rd pole and he is only 4. The first scooby doo pole was lost over the side of the boat this spring. He had gotten a full size spiderman pole after that. He could not cast it quite as well with its longer length. It got tore up pretty good at Kentucky lake battling giant shellcracker sunfish and largemouth bass. The reel eventually busted off the handle and it would not cast any longer. The last trip out with it I would have to loosen the drag, pull line out of it and thow the bait out in the water. Thats a lot of work when you have a 3 year old that wants to reel all the time.

I used his pole a couple of times and I think the scooby pole had more casting distance and accuracy. I used it about as much as some of my other poles in the spring last year. When it came time for a new pole I considered a zebco combo, but I think this pole is more set up to keep Leo interested in fishing this year.

This weekend we spent quite a bit of time in the yard and organizing his tackle box. He cast his rubber fish plug, and I practiced flipping to the base of the tree in the front yard. The neighbors must think I am losing it sometimes. One of them asked if I was fishing for snow fish. I doubt she'll make the regional cut in the FLW BFL this year! I was fishing for snow BASS.

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