Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekly Catch Up 2.15.12

A lot has happened the last few weeks.  My job has gotten crazy busy.  We had 2 snows.  Not much out of either but enough to build a snowman with the boys.

I got to do a little more fishing in Oklahoma City.  This time I went down to look at a boat to buy and keep in Mizike's garage.  The boat was sold already when I got down there so we hung out and fished for a bit.  We tried several areas around one of the lakes and didn't get a bite.  Mizike even used real worms.

On my way home I stopped by to check out Great Salt Plains Lake again.  It was not up any more than last time but they were dumping water out of the lake.  I'm not sure if they will let it fill up enough to be a usable lake.  Such a shame.  I would love to have a lake less than an hour and a half away.

I tried fishing below the spillway and did not have any luck.  Afterwards I drove around and found some pretty awesome looking hiking trails.  We will be using them this spring.

In the last couple weeks I have considered fishing a FLW Tour tournament at Beaver's Lake Arkansas.  I had permission from the wife and work but decided to hold off for now.  For that kind of money I want some more experience in this area.  Maybe next year.

For the BFL's I have now signed with two boater links.  Both have had issues that they cannot fish this season.  Now I'm worried that I may not get to fish all of the tournaments if I cannot get a boater link.  I am driving way to far for these to not have a shot at regionals.  We will see if I can get a boater link at the first tournament.

Last night at the high school basketball game Leo's Kindergarten teacher came up to us to let us know we needed to talk to her about what we will do with Leo next year.  I know he is not motivated to learn.  We try to work with him all of the time and he doesn't want to learn.  It feels like I have failed him.  I know he can learn if I worked with him more.  Maybe I have worked too much the last few years.  I devote a lot of time and energy to my job.  If some of that were devoted to teaching my son he might be more interested to learn.  Maybe he just isn't ready yet.  He learns what he wants to learn at a lightning fast pace, but he doesn't do well with the same things I have always had a problem with.

We scheduled an appointment tomorrow with his teacher.  Hopefully we can make the right decision for Leo's sake.  Whether we need to hold him back or push him hard to get him to catch up with the other kids.  This decision will affect him for the rest of his life.  I'm not qualified to make this decision.  I will not take his teacher's advise lightly.  She is great.  Leo has came so far this year.  I wish they would have told us sooner that he was having issues or needed extra work and what he needed to work on.  From all we've seen he has been doing great.  His report card last month showed all Satisfactory to Excellent marks.

Maybe things are different these days but to me satisfactory is good.  Fail is bad. Unsatisfactory is bad.  Poor is bad.  D's and F's will get you whoopin's and grounded they are so bad.  If he was not to the level he should be don't tell me he's doing good.  If it isn't good enough to get to the next grade that's unsatisfactory bad.

There are a lot of mixed emotions flying around in my head today about the whole deal.  I try to calm them so I can figure out what is best for my son.  Anger and disappointment will not help him.  His birthday is tomorrow.  It feels like that is making things worse.  On a day that should be celebrated we are feeling gloomy and depressed.  We have to kick our funk to the side for that day.

Valentine's Day was a bust, we're not going to let Leo's birthday become a bust.

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