Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tournament Preparation Day 2

Day 2 saw me tired after work again.  It was a great day outside so I fired up the grill when I got home for some hamburgers and hot dogs.  After that I played a little basketball with Leo.  As it started getting dark I hauled most of my tackle to start organizing.  I also grabbed my carhart coveralls and coat, my columbia gloves, my frogg toggs and my life vest. 

Somehow, I managed to get a room booked for Friday night.  The rest of the night I decided to start working on getting my boat legal for spring.  I have to have a tax preparer fill out a form so I can pay property tax on the boat by March 15th.  I also had to get my tags renewed on the trailer.  The last thing I have to do is get my boat numbers.  Property tax supposedly is pretty high here.  Dad thinks it will be around 500.00 a year since the boat is a luxury item.  His boat is the same year as mine so it may be.

Yesterday, I got a text from a boater saying he could use a Co-angler link for the rest of the year after the Broken Bow tournament.  I took him up on the offer.   Today, I called FLW to link with him and they said that since I had registered right away for the season I should be fine this first tournament.

I had a chance to look at a map of the area around broken bow.  They have several mountain names around the lake.  That may mean that it has some deeper water. 

Tonight I will research the lake a little better and try to organize some of my tackle. 

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