Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tournament Preparation Day 3

Last night I was able to spend some time looking at information on Broken Bow.  With the limited information I found, I saw that the lake is really rocky around the shoreline.  The walleye are starting to run North towards the river.  The water temperature is around 48 degrees and 1.5 feet low from normal pool.  My research gave me a few clues on what the bass will be doing and what I need to start fishing with when I get there.

I also organized my tackle last night.  It wasn't quite the mess as it usually is since I didn't fish a lot last year.  I decide that I have way too much tackle and a lot of it will never get used.  If I get around to it I may try to sell some of my least used tackle on ebay.

After a couple of hours I had my tournament bag ready.  It is ready for any lake any time of the year.  If something unexpected comes up, I have something to try in that situation.  It's hard not to take everything you can.  You never know what you think you will need while you are out fishing. 

I have considered what I want to start out with and will be tying that on in a couple of days.  That may change once I talk to my boater and see how we will be fishing.  With it being early in the season I am guessing we will be fishing slow.  I'm not sure what depth we will be fishing.  This is still new territory for me so I will be learning a lot about these waters this year.  Will the same techniques that worked in Ohio work in Oklahoma?  Probably, but are they the best techniques for this area?  I won't know until I get some experience trying many different things.

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