Friday, February 24, 2012

Tournament Preperation Day 4

It's Friday, the Bassmaster Classic has started, and I am more anxious than ever to get out fishing.  I even had a fishing dream last night. 

I was out fishing for crappie with friends and family and I took them to a hot spot that I had caught crappie at before.  The lake levels were way down.  We couldn't put the boats in so we fished from shore around the boat ramp.  The crappie must have moved because they weren't biting at all.  Then out of nowhere my bobber starts to go down.

I start reeling the fish in and it isn't much of a fight.  I could still tell there was some weight to the fish.  As I get it close to shore it appears to be about a 7 or 8 pound catfish.  Is it fair to increase the size of a fish you caught in your dream?  This catfish was different though.  It had large pinchers on the front like a lobster.  The bait pulled free a couple feet from bank and landed at the waters edge.  The fish lunged out of the water after it, grabbed it and was starting to head back out to water.  The crew that was with me was telling me not to bring it in.  I wanted to see it closer so I pulled it up on the shore. 

I didn't want to grab it so it flopped a few times on shore and rolled back into the water.  I was thinking, "What a wierd, scary looking fish".  "Would it taste like fish or lobster."

I continued to fish and went around the bend to some covered boat docks that were in a little deeper water.  To get under the boat docks, I waded out into the lake.  I cast under the dock and got a bite pretty quickly.  This one had a little more fight to it.  As I got it closer I realized it was the same kind of fish.  The fish pulled and made me slide onto my side in the water.  As that happened he came up close and brushed my leg with it's body.  I saw the pinchers and grabbed for them.  I was scared that he was going to get me with those monster pinchers.  Right about that time I woke up.

There was a picture of a giant lobster on MSN yesterday.  That stuck in my mind and made for one crazy dream last night.

I checked out the weather again for Broken Bow.  It had the following weekends forecast.  There is a chance of rain on Friday and Friday night.  Friday nights low is 46 and the high Saturday will be 58.  It will be chilly riding in a boat with water temperatures around 48 degrees.  The wind is supposed to be less than 5 mph.

I didn't do any other preparations as I had 2 of my nephews over for the evening.  They are some pancake eating fools.  Every time they come over they want pancakes.  I bough 3 boxes of pancake mix last time at the store so we were good to go.

This weekend we are heading North to go help make sausage at Christina's uncles.  I might get to fish a little bit on Sunday on our way back.  I would like to catch a fish before the tournament. 

Dad took off work and went fishing Wednesday at Norton Lake in Northwest Kansas.  He ended up catching several crappie.  The first fish of the year honor's go to him again.  I need to find a good winter fishing area around here.  This is several years running he has gotten that title.  They are moving to Northern Kansas soon and will be around great fishing.  It is going to be hard for me to beat him now.

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