Monday, February 20, 2012

Twelve Days of Tournament Preperations

What can I think of to help my chances with this tournament in 12 days?  So far this year I am yet to catch a bass, or a fish in that matter.  There is very little hope of getting out to fish any more by the time I leave for Broken Bow in Oklahoma. 

Due to this early in the year tournament, I will attempt to prepare my fishing equipment as well as prepare mentally.  Over the next 11 days I will keep track of what I do to prepare and post it on here.

Tonight I will be starting by organizing my tackle.  Over the course of the last year it has been added and taken out of my tournament bag and thrown into my boat.  Once it is organized, I will try to find some information on the lake and information on fishing this time of year in the region.  That will help me to add the tackle I will want to use into my tournament bag.

Studying the lake, tournament, area, weather, etc can take several days so I will not finish with that tonight.  Right now I have no information and have never fished Broken Bow.  The more preparations I make now can only help me out when it comes time for the tournament.

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