Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekly Catch Up 1.25.12

This month is flying by.  I'm sure it has something to do with the weather we have been having.  Usually at this time of year I am miserable waiting for the snow to melt or the temperatures to get warm enough to step outside without getting a face full of cold wind.

It is still a month away from tournament season but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. 

Last Sunday was an awesome day with over 60 degree weather.  Instead of fishing I spent time at home with the family.  We had traveled to Pratt the previous 2 nights to watch the high school basketball team play in a tournament there.  I was feeling lazy Sunday.  Since it was a nice day and basketball was in the air we put up the boys basketball goat they had gotten for Christmas.  At the same time I smoked a turkey.

Once the basketball goal was up I started working with my oldest boy, showing him the basics.  He had played basketball last year in Ohio and had retained a lot of what he had learned.  He had also improved on his dribbling.  We were just about done and ready to head inside when he brought his Mom out to play a game.  We were playing around and Christina and I were getting pushy blocking out after shots and keeping each other away from the goal.  I went up for a shot and she turned to block me out.  It pushed me out into the grassy area where my foot caught the grass and my ankle rolled under all of my weight.  I felt a pop and went down in pain.

My ankle took its time swelling and did not swell much at all.  It did turn black and blue.  Monday it was hurting to walk on it and I was slow.  Tuesday was a lot better.  I could walk without a limp and almost at full speed. 

I have had ankle sprains before and this was not nearly as bad.  They have never healed this quick.  It must have been a pretty minor sprain. 

Leo has played each day so far since the goal has been put up.  He will get a lot of use out of it.  It is still a few years before he will start playing team basketball around here.  By that time he should be pretty decent.

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