Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Out With a Bang

Since I won some money in Vegas last year and have this years tournaments and travel paid for I decided to use the leftover funds on a new gun.  I went to several pawn shops and gun stores around Garden City looking at pistols and trying to find something I wanted.

The first gun store had a .380 for 275.00.  It was a nice looking gun, I wasn't picky as I didn't have a hand gun at all.  The next pawn shop had this 9mm S&W for 285.00.  It was practically new, came with a case and 2 clips.  I asked the owner if he would come down on the price.  He said he had that much into it and didn't want to take a loss. 

We left and went to another pawn shop that was closed then to a pawn shop that only had a few guns.  He had a .380 pistol for 175.00.  It was in rough condition, still working but a little under cared for.  The pawn shop guy said that he has had nothing but jams with the .380's and suggested I not buy that as my first gun.  I will go back to that pawn shop and buy something.  It was amazing that he lost out on a sale to help me out like that. 

We left the pawn shop to eat at El Conquistador's, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Garden City.  While we were eating Dad and I talked about the S&W more and more.  The pawn shop had everything marked high that I could see so I didn't know if this was a good deal.  It felt good though so I called my cousin to see what he thought.  He said at that price and the condition it would be a good deal for a first gun. 

We went back to pick it up.  When I got in the pawn shop a girl came to help me.  I asked to look at a .380 in the case that was marked at 129.00.  If I was in my right mind I would have gotten it too for that price.  It was a better deal once I looked them both up.  I had her put the gun back in the case and asked if she would throw in a box of shells if I bought the 9mm.  She looked at the owner who glared at me as she answered yes.  I let out a huge grin and the owner shook his head and walked into the back of the store.

As I was filling out the paperwork for my background check he came over and put the box of shells on the table and the case for the gun with the clips.  He seemed sort of pleased to make the sell, but didn't want to act like it since he had been duped.

That day the wind picked up to 50+ miles an hour so I didn't get to try the gun out.  The next day was nice and Dad and I fired off 45 rounds through it.  At first the trigger was super tight and hard to pull.  I couldn't hit a piece of paper at 20 feet, I was pulling so hard on the trigger the gun was turning when I fired.

By the time the 45th round was fired the trigger had loosened up and it was accurate as a dream in the center of the paper.  I really have to make sure I squeeze the trigger gently or my shot will end up completely right of target.

All in all, I am happy to be a gun owner.  After looking up the prices of a few of this model I didn't do too bad.  They sell around 300.00 to 350.00 for the gun and 1 clip.  Smith & Wesson has been a brand I have been familiar with since I was a child so it made since to have one as one of my first hand guns.

Thank you Intro to the Outdoors and your Quest for the Holy Hand Gun posts, for peaking my interest in purchasing my first hand gun.

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  1. Glad you were able to pick out one that fits your needs. S&W is a pretty trusted brand so for the money you probably got a really good deal. Happy I could provide the initial push to get you interested in gun ownership. Let us know how it does once you get some more rounds down range.