Friday, December 30, 2011

Weekly Catch Up 12.30

 The boys made out like bandits for Christmas.  Times have definitely changed.  They have more toys than I could have ever dreamed about.  It's easy to spoil them with toys when you want to play with the toys too.  I seem to get them everything I want.  It's bad when your son asks if he can help put together the lego's.  Leo told his Mom that he would not disappoint her if she let him help.  He finally got the point across that they are his and he should get to play with them too.

I made it out to hunt over Christmas and shot a quail.  There was a lot of hunting going on in my family.  Dad got a pheasant, my nephew got 3 rabbits, and my cousin shot a coyote.  The weather would have been more cooperative for a fishing trip.  The word in the woods is that Kirwin Lake, just South of where we were, is having a hot crappie bite.

With weather around 60 degrees during the day, it feels like I should be at the lake.  This weekend we are going to Mom and Dad's so I won't be fishing, maybe a little hunting before the year ends and my license expires.  I need to get my 2012 hunting/fishing license.  Then I can go after the first fish of the year.  Dad has taken me the last couple years.  This year I might be able to make it out before the lakes ice over.

We got our new Bass Pro Master Catalog in the mail yesterday.  I didn't get a chance to look at it before the kids took it.  Before long we will have to have 3 issues shipped to us at once so we can all look at it right away.

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