Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weekly Catch Up

It's crazy how things get so busy this time of year.  It seems like I was just getting ready for Thanksgiving, now I'm getting ready for Christmas, and then ice fishing.

We are getting our first real taste of cold weather now.  Still not freezing throughout the day.  I'm excited about ice fishing this year.  I won't get to do much since I live 4-5 hours from where I will have to go to ice fish.

How did I end up living so far from lakes? 

I will soon be registering for the FLW BFL Okie Division for next year.  I have just gotten a promotion at work so hopefully they will still let me take off Fridays for the tournaments.  My boss is a fisherman so I shouldn't have too much to worry about. 

My job has been surprisingly fun.  I was so burned out from working at the last place I worked that I didn't think I'd ever enjoy having a job again.  There was too much stress at the last place.  I also had to change my attitude about working. 

It's nice to be back in a small town with a lower cost of living.  Life is so much easier when your not scared you won't be able to make that next mortgage payment.  We have a deep freeze full of meat and cupboards full of food.  There is about 50 pounds of deer burger and steaks.  I had forgotten how much I love deer.

Thanksgiving was great this year.  All of Christina's family came to our house this year.  It was great celebrating a holiday and not having to drive 20 hours afterwards.

We have finally been getting rain lately.  The Medicine river is flowing again as are many of the streams in this area.  It was brutally dry this summer so any moisture is welcome.  We had our first light dusting of snow when we got up Monday morning.  The kids were really excited when they saw that.

I still haven't done any pheasant hunting.  The bird population is gone in Southern Kansas from the lack of moisture this year.  There were pheasants everywhere this spring.  I haven't seen one for months now.  Dad and I may sneak out for a couple hours around Christmas in Northern Kansas.  They had a lot of rain up there this year and are still reporting lots of birds.

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