Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekly Catch Up

Basketball started for the junior high this week.  Both the boys and girls have played 2 games each at Cherokee about 20 minutes from here.  We went to both games on Monday and Thursday nights.  It is great to watch my nieces and nephews play.  It is also irritating.  They have so much to learn about the game.  Not just them, the whole team, but I want them to excel.

I decided to try to quit smoking again.  I failed last time I tried to quit on my own.  I made it over a month but started again.  This time I am using Chantix to help with the highs and lows that come from smoking.  It blocks the nicotine receptors in your brain making cigarettes useless and stopping your craving for a cigarette.  I have been using it for two days and it makes a huge difference.  Cigarette's taste disgusting now and you get nothing from them.  I don't get such hard urges to smoke. 

With Chantix you keep smoking for 7 days while you are taking it then you stop.  I don't think it is going to take 7 days.  The side effects are a little scary.  I haven't had any yet but I read where it can cause suicidal thoughts and actions.  I am nowhere near that.  I have been having the vivid dreams the doctor's told me I may have.  That just makes it more fun to go to sleep.

Thanksgiving is next week and Christina's family will be staying with us for the holiday.  It will be fun to cook for 15 kids and 8 adults.

We had the opportunity to pay for the processing of part of a deer so we can have the meat from it.  I am excited.  Most of it is getting ground into deer burger. 

I need to find a new way to exercise other than running.  It is dark by the time Christina gets home from work.  I have the kids until she gets home.  I would run after dark but there are a lot of dogs, that are not fenced or chained up that act all crazy when I run after dark.  I don't want to be bitten.  I can't get up early enough to run, so I need to do something different.  Sometime shortly there may be open basketball at the town near here on Thursday nights.  That would give me 3 days of good exercise a week.  I can run on the weekends and play basketball on Thursday nights.

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