Monday, November 14, 2011

Warning! Pre-Stitches Pictures Inside

If you have a weak stomach you may want to skip this post.  One image shows an open wound prior to Stitches.

This weekend we went down to Oklahoma City to Mizike's sons baptism.  My family got there Friday night.  We hung up and caught up with what everybody has been up to. 

The next morning we got up and went fishing at Thunderbird Lake.  We had about an hour to fish.  It was windy but we found a small area out of the wind.  Mizike was the only one to catch a fish.  He caught a drum, had another on and brought a crappie to the bank before it got off the hook and flopped back into the water.
Gavin's casting and reeling well now.

Leo admiring Mizike's fish

Me holding up Mizike's fish. 

When we got back we got everything ready to clean the drum.  We had laid a piece of cardboard out and Mizike stuck a fillet knife into it.  The wind caught the card board and the fillet knife and sent them flying into the driveway.  Leo took off after the cardboard and was dragging it back before I realized what had happened.  I saw the fillet knife on the ground in front of him and told him to stop.  He didn't, and next thing I know Leo's foot connected with the point of the fillet knife and spun it around.

There was no blood but I knew the knife had stuck him.  Leo said it didn't hurt and wanted to go inside but I told him to wait a minute to see if there was any blood.  About that time the blood started flowing out of the cut.  I got the first aid kit out of the truck.  I held a rag on the area until the bleeding stopped then cleaned the area and put a band aid on the cut.  Leo didn't complain.

I filleted the drum and got the mess cleaned up.  After that we laid around for a bit waiting on the rest of the crew to show up. 

There ended up being 5 couples and kids staying at Mizike's house for the baptism.  Most of us went to K-State so when the game came on we were having a good time.  In the 4th overtime Texas A&M had just kicked a field goal when we heard whining coming from outside.  A couple of boys came in to say that Leo had hurt himself.  He was running and fell on a pipe and was bleeding.

I walked outside to see and there was already quite a bit of blood on the patio.  Upon lifting Leo's hair out of the way I could see that he needed stitches.  We got an old towel to put on his forehead and got him into the car.  The bleeding stopped pretty quickly. 

At the hospital Leo was bouncing around and smiling.  He was excited about getting stitches.  The only time that he got scared at all was when Christina was telling him that they would be using a needle to sew him up.  He hates shots.  His last group of shots he  had gotten were very painful.  We then explained that it will not be at all like getting a shot and he was o.k. again.

Leo hit his head on the gas main in the back yard.

Cleaned and bandaged and ready for stitches.

Leo laid on the exam table and watched as they stitched him up.  He didn't complain or cry.  They were very impressed at how he acted.  I was too.  Christina cried a little when they were injecting lidocaine into the wound area but Leo was calm.

After the E.R. visit we stopped by McDonald's for supper.  We let Leo pick out what he wanted.  He got a cheeseburger, a 10 piece chicken nugget meal with a coke and a chocolate shake.  He must have been hungry because he polished off everything but the shake by the time we got back to Mizike's house.

The next day we had the baptism, then a lunch at Mizike's parents house.  On the way home we did some grocery shopping and filled the back of the Explorer with groceries.  We got home fairly late and after unloading the Explorer we went to bed.

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