Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back From Las Vegas

I made it back from Las Vegas safe and happy.  It was fun and slightly different than what I'm used to out there.  The difference being that I went to bed most nights around 10:00 and got up around 7:00 except the last night.

We also played more slot machines and a lot less poker.  Usually poker is where we make our money to support doing everything else there.

I was going to try to play the Caesar's Poker Classic on the first day, but my flight was delayed 2 hours and I didn't get into Vegas until late so I decided to do just a couple small tournaments later in the week.  I also didn't have as much money as I was hoping to take, since I have to repair the boards on the boat trailer. 

We ate a couple different buffets with the coupons from las vegas advisor and had steak and lobster one meal for 11.99.  We ate at the food court several times at the Riviera since it was right there and had a good food selection.

We did play 2 poker tournaments at Circus Circus.  There were about 14 people playing at each.  I ended up chopping 3 ways in the money both days.


On the last night, with the extra money from poker, I decided to stop betting a nickel to a quarter at a time on the slot machines and play for some real money.  I stuck a hundred into a quick hit machine and spun it a few times.  Then the machine lit up and sirens started going off.  At first I was confused, then it hit me.  I had hit the progressive jackpot for 1650.00. 

8 Quick Hits, 9 would have been 10,000.00

I had my buddy go up to the room and get another 100.00 bill for me so I could play the machine beside it while I was waiting to be cashed out.  On my first pull I hit another 50.00.  I cashed both machines out and on the next machine hit for 292.00.  Everything was hitting for me.  I was too excited to go to bed, but I should have.  I stayed up all night making max bets on every machine I could play.  It was a blast.  I had a waitress following me around making sure I had a fresh drink as soon as I finished mine.

I blew through a little bit of the money but still came home with 1500.00.  Not bad for 1000.00 invested in the whole trip.  I was out having fun expecting to only bring home a few hundred.

I've also have the Las Vegas Advisor listed back on ebay.  Hopefully that will get me another 25 to 30 dollars when it sells.

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