Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Great Salt Plains Lake Review

Driving around the Great Salt Plains lake in Northern Oklahoma took me back to an earlier time in history.  I could envision bait shops, cabins, boats, people camping and playing on the beaches.  It was easy to visualize because not a lot has changed around the lake in the last 30 years, except the lack of people and water.  You could tell the lake used to be very popular.  It made me want to go back in time to see the lake in it's prime. 

It could be too little - too late, the Great Salt Plains lake has filled up a little with the rainfall we had this fall. 

The lake still has a few more feet to raise to reach normal pool.  Even at normal pool I would be concerned about getting my boat in and out at the boat ramp.  A few feet will not leave a lot of ramp under the water level.  

Another concern is the salt content of the water.  Even if you can get your boat on the water, locals are saying that the salt can ruin your motor.  I'm guessing that if fresh water fish can live in the water it is not horribly bad for your boat.

I am hoping that some fish survived this last summer with the extremely low water levels and high heat.  It will be worth a few quick trips down there to check it out.  I have been wanting to try the spillway out since last summer when I saw several large snapping turtles and large catfish swimming around.

Summer 2011
Winter 2012
Boat ramp still slightly out of water.

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