Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nitro problems

Yesterday I called the marine to check on the pontoon. I had it in the shop to replace the water pump and the fuel cylanoid. I am prepping it to sell but now with the new boat having problems I need to get it to the shop to get it worked on. I will have to use the pontoon this weekend and put the Nitro in the shop for our second tournament.

The only time I will have to do that is on Saturday. I was hoping to camp Friday and Saturday night at Indian Lake so I could get a full day of fishing in before the tournament on Sunday. I guess I will drop off and pick up the new boat early Saturday and head straight to the lake.

I also have to replace both hub assemblies on the Blazer this week. They are grinding really bad. Hopefully with all the repairs done I will be able to set my mind on fishing. It has been raining the last few days and has been about 50 degrees outside. It is supposed to dry out and warm up tomorrow Friday and Saturday then cool off and rain on Sunday.

I am a little concerned about taking the pontoon to the bass tournament. I will look kinda funny amongst all the bass boats. Oh well I want to fish it and I don't want to burn up the motor on the Nitro. I would like the speed from the 150 HP but the 70 HP will get me to where I need to go, and I am used to fishing out of the pontoon.

I am thinking that the game plan be to try an assortment of styles of lures. I don't want to get stuck on one pattern like we were at Deer Creek. I have been on the lake once and it is shallow with lots of rocks on the shoreline, boat docks and channels all over. I am looking forward to trying out some tubes. I have had luck with them before. I looked at this previous tournaments weights for the last several years and it will take the the 10 fish limit to make it in the top 10. I got a tip from somebody that fishes the lake a lot to use a spinner bait on the East end of the lake. He showed me some of his key spots so we will be starting out there.

There's only a few days left and a lot to do. I hope the wife and kids will give me a break to get some of it completed. I think Mizike is planning on helping me with the hub assemblies.

After this tournament Mizike works the following 2 weekends. I might see if I can get in a small tournament myself. More than likely I will wait for later in the year. They have a bunch of Wednesday and Thursday night tournaments I might try to get into. We are just doing opens now, I would like to get into a small series.

I have lots of plans of fishing this spring and summer. I worked on the house this winter so I would have this time to fish and spend at the lake. Some of the things I want to do this year.

Enter tournaments - win one
Spend a weekend at Lake Erie - fish one day on a head boat for Walleye and go out to Put in Bay.
Take a trip to Kentucky Barkley Lakes for a weekend of bass fishing.
Week trip in July to Chesapeake Bay, Niagara Falls, and the East Coast.
Enter Wednsday Griggs tournament or Thursday O'shaunessey/Alum Creek tournament series.
Camp at least 10 weekends.
Rent a Cabin and hike at Hocking Hills for a weekend with wife kids Mizike and his girlfriend.
Fish Alum Creek early June for Musky on the points.
Camp and fish 3 new lakes in ohio that I have not fished.

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