Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deer Creek Tournament April 11th

We made it to the ramp at 5 am and walked over to the check in stand. We had pre-registered for 60.00. They asked us our boat number and we told them boat number 14. There was still quite a bit of time until first safe light so we got some coffee and headed back to the car. We were still not sure how things were going to take place so we figured we would do what everybody else was doing. We did walk down to look at the water level and seen that the lake was up about 4 foot from the previous week.

Finally at 6:30 people started hauling their boats to the water. We got in line and right at 7:00 we had the boat in the water and headed to get lined up for starting position. On the way I noticed that the tell tale hole was not shooting out any water. I put the boat in neutral and revved the engine and water came out until I throttled back down to idle. The impeller must be about shot for the water pump.

They had written our number on a paper plate and when they called our number we started weaving in and out of boats trying to get to the front of the pack to take off. They had called 4 or 5 more numbers by the time we got to the front to take off. The spot we had fished had somebody in it already. So we went to drive around to find another spot now that we had a boat on the water. Every good looking spot had been taken by the time we made our way down the lake. We were cold due to the near freezing weather so we pulled up to the north bank to fish it.

We fished some structure we saw coming up out of the water for a while. We had done good on crankbaits the week before when it was warmer so we tried those again. We didn't have any in the pearl white that we had used last week but had some new colors to try. We fished the small structures for about an hour and decided to try a new spot. The wind had blown all night and had the northeast corner by the dam really muddy. That's the spot we had decent luck in the week prior though so we headed that direction. The original boat was still casting to the rocks so we stayed out on the mud flat and fished it. Finally they left and we moved in. We fished for about half an hour with the wind blowing straight at the rocks. I was having a hard time maneuvering the boat with the trolling motor to stay in that spot. Finally I figured out the trolling motor so I could hold it in that spot.

Shortly after that a boat with 2 kids pulled up and about hit us as they started fishing the 30 foot of rocks we were fishing. They were squeezing in between boats all day. I thought there was a 50 foot rule in the rules but I guess they didn't care. I'm glad they didn't win.

We didn't catch anything at that spot se we drove around some more. Mizike got splashed by a big wave coming over the bow. So he was wet and cold. We attempted to find a spot out of the wind but there was no such place on this lake. We finally settled into a high bluff with rocks and some downed trees in the water. Mizike got a snag and as we backed towards his line it came loose and he had a fish on a rattletrap about 8 foot deep. It measured 13 inches so we put it in the livewell. Shortly after in the same spot I caught a non keeper. We fished that spot for a long time trying different baits hoping we founds some schooling fish. If they were we couldn't get no more.

We ended up back over by the dam and Mizike caught one more 13 incher on a crank. We got on a crankbait kick, partly because it was easy to use with the wind and we had done good on them the week before. We should've tried jig'n'pig or a slower bait due to the weather conditions.

We didn't catch any more fish and headed back for weigh in. It took us a while to figure out how to trailer the boat. It was a little embarrasing. I could trailer the pontoon easy. Mizike had put the trailer in too deep and the front of the boat would not go high enough. Finally after I had jumped in the lake I had him pull forward and was able to get the nose of the boat high enough that it aligned with the trailer.

We passed people on the way up the ramp with 2 bags with the 5 fish limit. I had thought it was a tough day of fishing. When we got to the tent to weigh in there were only 2 5 fish limits, a few 4 fish bags, a few 3 fish bags, our 2 fish, and a 1 fish bag and 13 boats that did not weigh in fish. We figured it up and we finished 14th out of 28 boats with 2.27 pounds.

It was a fun day of fishing though. I looked at all the things we did wrong and when I got home Sunday I hooked up all of my poles with different presentations so I don't get caught on 1 pattern again. I took out some of the floorboards on the boat and found the connections to the fish finder and hooked it up. We didn't have that all day. I reorganized the boat so I could use the compartments to free up space.

It would have been nice to have been more prepared. Next time, hopefully.

A couple more fish and we would have been in the money. Our next open tournament is at Indian lake on the 19th of April.

I am hoping I get the pontoon back from the shop so I can use it while I put the new boat in the shop to fix the impeller and it has a leaky oil line.

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